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A ministry of compassion called to share the Vision, the Hope, and the Future in Christ to hurting single women & their children.

How Temporary Housing Helps Families

FAQs & Answers: A Women's Shelter in Washington, IL

What are our guidelines?

  • Generally speaking, we provide all of the necessities of living and do not require that residents pay for their place at the House. This includes food provision for the majority of their time, which ranges up to two years.

  • Outside of their most basic needs, residents have the freedom to provide any additional care for themselves and their family as they see fit.

  • We keep consistent security policies to protect residents, their children, and their personal belongings. When it comes to hygiene, medical, and child care, these are the responsibility of the resident.

  • Every adult resident will work with a Financial Planner and Advocate on staff to help them budget and resolve any debt they may have prior to moving in.

  • Our MSH Handbook has more detail about the policies for residency and independent living in our women's shelter.

MSH Handbook

Common Questions about Temporary Housing


How can you find out about openings and apply?

  • You should first fill out this form online after reading through our Handbook above.

  • To inquire about current openings, call or leave a message on our Contact Us page. Even if there are no current openings, we encourage you to apply so that we are aware of your application. That way, we can follow up with you when an opening becomes available or pass it on to another shelter in the area that may be able to help you.

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Do you only accept individuals or would you take single parents with children?

  • Depending on availability, we accept both mothers with children and individuals seeking shelter. At-risk women are eligible for a spot at My Sister’s House, as well as at-risk families. We are a shelter for women and children.

Our Program: Shelter for Single Moms

What is the house/property like?

  • The home itself is a shelter located in a residential neighborhood at a renovated house in the town of Washington, IL in Tazewell County. It is the only shelter of its kind in the county, with another located nearby in Peoria. Our House is located on the corner of Walnut Street (IL-Business Rt 24) and Spruce Street, just east of the downtown square by five blocks. We have a fenced in backyard that includes a playset and we are only 3.5 miles south of our affiliate Bethany Community Church.


Who all stays there, and supervises the property?

  • We have a staff of individuals that visit the house on a daily basis, but only residents live on the premises. These members of staff are trained to interact respectfully with residents and can only access the House by a secure code. For best accommodation, we only accept up to 3 adult women and up to 6 children to reside at the House at one time.


Can you guarantee that we are safe?

  • We take extensive measures to ensure that residents feel safe at all times, including a security system for entrance into the House. We only allow visitors with prior notice and conduct a screening for anyone that visits our property. While we occasionally have volunteers on-site to help enhance life here, but they will not interact with you as a resident. Finally, residents are expected to alert MSH Staff anytime they wish to leave the residence in order to ensure you are well accounted for.


What is it like to live here?

  • As a shelter for women, mothers, and children, day to day life at My Sister’s House is a little bit different for every resident. The most important aspects of life at the House are making sure that adults and children alike are educated and cared for, in order to encourage the long-term health and well-being of each person. One of the core parts of our program is Life Skills Training. This training teaches residents the essentials to get back on their feet and support themselves independently.


Resources / Talk to Us

Client App / Handbook


You may be thinking: “I need a better outlook in life. What can I do?”
Our reply is: “Can you use these Resources and get somewhere safe?”


Here are the benefits of independence-centered group living in a transitional housing program.

  • It makes life affordable, allowing for a low cost of living

  • No cost to you to apply

  • To help reestablish the health and well-being of the resident and their child(ren)

  • Receive counseling and training to help with both practical and spiritual aspects of life

  • Home security, protection from dangerous family as well as rescue people at risk for homelessness

  • Our affiliate resources help us get material possessions that residents are in search of

  • If we do not have an opening or if you only need temporary assistance, try one of these organizations: Resources Page

  • Faith-Based Transitional Housing, Women's Shelter


How can a women’s shelter help me?

  • Get away from abusive, at-risk homes and individuals, domestic violence and threats

  • Keep you from becoming homeless

  • Give you a place to provide for your child and learn more about caretaking

  • Fellowship

  • Aid, welfare

  • Help you form a realistic plan for getting life back on track

Unlike a food pantry, homeless shelter, or other community services, My Sister’s House seeks to care for the whole person, including their family, instead of treating just one problem or condition.


My Sister’s House in Washington, IL: A Shelter for At-Risk Women and Children

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