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A ministry of compassion called to share the Vision, the Hope, and the Future in Christ to hurting single women & their children.

Transitional Housing Shelter for Women

What is a transitional housing shelter?

  • Transitional Housing and Housing Shelters are secure places for at-risk persons to revitalize and rebuild their lives without difficulties (costs) associated with living on their own. Transitional housing takes the woman (or mother, and their children) through a series of life changes that empowers them to make decisions for themselves. In general, this type of housing helps individuals or single-parent families recover their financial standing, gain access to helpful resources, and live in a group setting that encourages self-care.

FAQ's about Temporary housing


Who is this type of housing intended for?

Who benefits from this? Who are your residents?

  • The Housing shelter and transitional programs at My Sister’s House are for women that have experienced domestic violence or are facing homelessness currently around Washington, IL. We do not have a particular jurisdiction of service but welcome applications from individuals outside Tazewell County that come from around the Midwest.

  • Potential residents are people that seek to get out of a toxic lifestyle or simply need to get off the street. We welcome women into MSH as family members that just need some time and encouragement to take care of their own security and family. These women are not deficient or troubled; they simply need some assistance and love. If you know someone like this, read over our application as well as the Frequently Asked Questions page. We are a Christian shelter in Washington, IL.

Safe Shelter Program for Single Moms

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Who is it not intended for?

  • Because our House is primarily for single mother housing, MSH is not intended for: men facing homelessness, or individuals in need of resources (like grants) for their own homes or for sustaining their financial independence. For individuals that do not fit our program model, try contacting these organizations and hotlines listed below. We serve a very specific population in order to best protect their livelihood, not to put any other person at a disadvantage. Our staff would be happy to speak with you, listen to the struggles you are facing, and make a referral based on their personal experience. Our first mission is to love, and through that to help serve as many in our community as possible.

Additional Community Action Resources

Click the button below for contact information about the following needs you have:

  • Pregnancy Resources

  • Adoption & Foster Care

  • Other Transitional Housing for Women in the Midwest

  • Food Pantries Nearby Washington

  • Clothing Provision

  • Biblical Counseling



Counteract domestic violence and homelessness: Our Faith-Based Program's Specifics

We incorporate three ideas for helping residents: Have a Vision – Have Hope – Have a Future. 

Community mission - housing for survivors of domestic abuse

Single Mother Housing in Washington, IL:

Participation & Training

Our vision for independent living is the basis of our organization. We believe that the grace and mercy of God is freely given to people through accepting to follow Jesus Christ at any cost. Therefore, our Solid Foundation Training is made up of services that every resident will participate in. As a Christian shelter, we include the following:

  • Attending Sunday services at Bethany Community Church on Five Points at Washington (27265 Dutch Lane, Washington IL 61571)

  • Receiving Biblical counseling from women with shared experiences about the hardship of life

  • Life Skills Training for practical advice when it comes to caring for yourself, your children, and your possessions in a healthy, joyful way

  • Mentoring for emotional support and in the best interest for checking on your mental health


Education & Employment

Hope for our residents comes when they settle into the pattern of independent living at the House and are able to do more outside of their home. Transitional living becomes much more beneficial when residents can gain a better education and establish some form of employment.


Financial Independence

We know that each of our residents will have specific challenges and backgrounds when it comes to each of these parts of their life history. Our staff will respect the obstacles you may face and recommend a course of action for you to realistically get the schooling and job you desire. We want to be with you on both of these journeys and will provide you the necessary resources and materials to succeed.


Finally, a resident’s future–as well as their children’s–rests on responsible financial management. You can receive information about debt reduction, credit building, and more as a resident here. We also assign residents a Financial Planner, a person who will help you budget with goals in mind, including:

  • paying off loans
  • acquiring educational materials
  • establishing or managing a savings account.

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Transitional Housing, Independent Living: Improving the Lives of Women in Washington IL

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